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Interview David Lazzaroni

Hei David,
first of all, it's great to have you back at the jumping hills of the world. So, how are you?

I'm fine thank you.

When did you decide to start jumping again? And what has been your motivation to start a comeback?

I decided to restart skijumping this spring after courchevel france championship. My motivation is just because I like to jump and I want to enjoy that..

In the last two years, a lot changed in the skijumping world. New suits, new bindings, new rules. Was it hard to cope with these changes when you start to jump again?

Nothing is really new there is not a big difference now, i have to adjust my technique with new material but not big changes..

What do you think about the new suits?

For the new suits, i think this a good thing. It will change a bit how to fly and finish the jump. The only negative thing is, that we have to find "elastic" matérial to feel good inside. It's stretching really fast so we have to check the suit before every competetion to be ok with the new rules.

Last weekend, you took part in your first international comp after two years, how was it to be back at the hills? Are you satisfied with your jumps during the weekend?

This weekend was quite ok for me yes...The comeback in the hill was nice, I 'm happy to see again many jumpers and to feel the atmosphere.

What are your goals for the nearer future?

My goal now is to enjoy, have good training, and make cuple of competition to prepeare the winter..