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Interview Fred Zoz

How was the first snow-trainingscamp of this season in general?
Our First training camp has been really perfect, we could not expected more. Sunshining, no wind, perfect snow conditions, and our athletes were working hard to get in shape!

And can you tell us in some words the level of the 4 guys?
They are in good shape, they all improved with physical stuff, and for ski jumping, they all started well their first jump on snow so we want of course them to improve the results :)

*Are you looking forward to the new season, the travelling, lots of competitions and so on?
We are already in the new season, it started mid november, but yes of course, everyone is excited for the upcoming season and that's why athletes (and the staff) are doing a lot of work all year long!!! About the travel, it is part of our job and it doesn't matter, excpet some too heavy schedule that FIS should take more care...

Are there some competitions or cities, you're really looking forward to?
Personally, I am waiting for all the competitions, but maybe this year more curious for Vikersund and ski flying competitions. Then of course the main goal is Oslo world championships, 4 hills Tournament!