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Interview Fred Zoz

Hi Fred,
soon your second season as head-coach for the French Girls will start. So let's first have a look back. The last season wasn't really succesful for the three girls. Can you name and explain the reasons for that?

Last season was extremely bad in all ways. We changed all the staff, the head coach, the physical training method and philosophy of jumping. It takes time for all in the team to understand very well each other and for the athletes to get the way I wanted to bring them.

Did you change something in training or something else during this years summer to help the girls being good again?

We have change our plan a bit, we had much more camps but a bit shorter, so we jumped a little more and more often. Athletics did not change but we have also worked more on coordination and proprioceptive exercises during our camps. I think it has already payed out!

Julia showed some good results during the summer. What do you expect from her for the upcoming winter?
And what are the main goals for the other girls?

Julia has been from okay to quite good in the competitions this summer. But was very good in training, so of course she is the one from who we are expecting most of this winter. The goal is to come back on the podium and be in overall ranking at least in top 10!
For Coline and Lea, we expect them to be regularly in top 15/20 and move in top 10 for few comps. Lea might also take the challenge to go for a top 6 individual result at the world junior championships!!!
And for Oceane Avocat Gros, we want her to perform regularly on top 6 in alpencup, improve her confidence to qualify for some World Cups and be the best she can in the WJSC.

During this summer, some really young girls like Lucille Morat or Romane Dieu had some good results in international competitions. Do you think that there's a good chance to have more French girls in the Worldcup in some years?

We already started a program to try to develop the young girls. Actually the region ski clubs work on that and we hope that next year another successful coach might join us to bring his experience to them, and start to create a group in the ski gymnasium of Moutier/Courchevel. We have already made some test, and Lucile Morat and Romane Dieu will come with the national team and Oceane to Planica next week for the last camp of the season. So we will have a 6 ladies team in Planica !!
I guess that if they continue like this, we can expect some newcomers in World Cup in 2/3 years!!