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Statement Fred Zoz

Fred Zoz about Lillehammer:

We came here in Lillehammer with the idea to improve our level, or at least to keep the level we had during the training because it was already good! That was going pretty well finaly.
We knew that Manu was very stable and he did not miss any jump here, so of course, selfconfidence was great. He is strong, and even if the wind conditions were difficult, the third place is his real own place today!!
For David, he get the qualification twice, that's already a good step, And Vincent is also close to jump well, today was nice for him. open the point in world cup, then it will come!!
We are on the good road, guys are working well, we are really satisfied with pekka about what the guys are doing! For Nico Mayer, we still have to find the rythm to get him up at his best shape! We 're looking forward now for the next competition, but first to have a good break to charge the battery!