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Interview Julia Clair

Hei Julia, the first training is going on and the summer season is coming nearer. Could you tell us something about the first trainings? What did you do? Went the training well?

We did a first training camp the last 4 days with the team. It was in Premanon in France. We jumped on the small hill of Chaux Neuve with alpine dresses. My feelings at the end of the winter weren't very good, and I had the same during the first trainings. We did physical tests, too, and I felt well.

What are your goals for the summer competitions?

I have no precis goals, because we have only 2 comps at the middle of the summer, and I think it's very important to train a lot at physical training and at the hill to be very good at the juniors and the world championships.

The FIS has plans to change the jumping suits for the next season. What do you think about this?

I heard that the FIS would change the suits but it's not sure for the moment. But I think it's better and nobody will cheat next season, even if it will be more difficult to jump with it.

What do you think about the mixed team comp, that is planned for Hinterzarten?

It's good for our disciplin because we'll do a comp with the boys, it's a new shape of comp and it will be mediatic. And we can see surprising results.