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Interview Alexandre Mabboux

Hei Mab, how are you? Are you still in Lillehammer?
Yes, we just finished the training camp today, and tomorrow we will go back home, only manu et vincent will go to Kusamo My coach told me, that he was really happy about our job ( nico and mine ) but it is to early for start in WC, so we will go to vikersund for the COC, and then we will go to WC :):) And Kusamo is quite hard hills.. after 5 days training on snow it was early for us

Do you have also snow in Courchevel to jump there?
hum...dont know ! I heard they still make some snow, but i think its not already possible to jump

Than you should stay in Lillehammer ;)
héhé yea its really nice, but...wednesday we will go on a traning camp in Seefeld !
its really bad compared to Lillhammer, but we can jump :):)

With whom will you go to Seefeld?
With dats and junior team :):)

How is it to train with your new coach after all this years with Pekka?
its perfect !
There is a good atmosphere and nice training. :):)

What about David Viry? Did he changed from nordic combined to jumping?
yea he stopped nordic combined, and he started ski jumping.. he is a good jumper, and he thinks it's better for him