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Interview Emmanuel Chedal

After a succesful season what are your aims for summer and next year?
- Season is not totally over yet. We still have the national championships next week-end! After that, I will take the time to think what is going on for the next year...But I don't have enough infos now to be able to know if I will have the means to go foreward and fix some new goals!

What was the best moment in this season?
I think the podium in Lillehammer. The first podium in winter WC. It was really special for me and a great moment!

If you review this season, is there anything you would change?
We can't change anything...But I have to learn from a couple of things to go forward and be one step better in the results!

What will you do for your deserved holidays?
I will have fun with my friends and familly! Skiing, snowboarding, speed riding, sky diving…and partying I guess!

If the rumors are true, that there will be a new coach next season, Who is your favourite?
At this time it's not anymore a rumor…We made really good job with Pekka those last 4 years and I understand and support him in this choice. It's a nice opportunity for him! Now let's see what's happen for us...

How does is feel to jump over 200m?
It's f*****g good! =) My goal was not only to get good result there but also to have long flights and fun! I think I manage to do it even if we always hope to fligh longer...

Did you feel the Olympic spirit in Vancouver and did you watch other competion?
I tried to get this feeling and really enjoy this special moment in an athlete life. Everybody was really kind there. I went on the alpine skiing event once but unfortunately it's the only competition I watch in "live". But I also spent some time to watch the TV and different kind of sport! But for sure I had great time there!!!