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Interview Emmanuel Chedal

Hei Manu, We think, looking back on all the years of your carreer would be a good way for us to say goodbye and thanks to you. So after all the years in worldcup, do you still remember your first worldcup start in Chamonix? Can you tell us your memories about that competition?

Yes, I remember it !
It was a really nice experience to start jumping in world cup in front of a french audience.
The qualification was good but then I miss my first competition jump and finished 46 if I remember well !
But it was already nice to qualify and be part of the competition for a 1st attempt.

Which competitions of all the years do you still remember and why?

I remember a lot of them...Some good ones and some bad ones ! But for sure I prefer to think of good memories like thepodiums.
But If I have to choose one it will maybe be my 3rd place in summer GP in Pragelato . It is really close place from my home so a part of my family was there, especially all my grand-parents so I was really glad and proud that we were all together in this day.

What things of the skijumping circus will you miss?

Without hesitations: ski-flying...

You have thought for nearly two years now about ending the career. What was the reason, to quit during the season and not to continue until the end?

I was really far from the level and from what I had expected.
I put a lot of energy and made my best but it was not working, so then it was time to quit ! Moreover all the rule changes make it really more difficult for me...
All good things come to an end !

Thank you for your answers. We wish you all the best for your future.

Thank you,
Happy New year !