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Interview Emmanuel Chedal

Now that summer is over, are you satisfied with your competitions?

It was an interesting summer in every way! In summer it is always difficult to find the right balance between the trainings and the competitions but I managed to get results and work well to prepare the next winter season so I'm satisfied!

Does it mean much for you, that you made your best results ever during this summer?

For me it's only mean that I was finally able to do it and there is no reason that I can't do it anymore...

What you you ecpect from the upcoming winter season? Do you think it's possible to reach a place on the podium during the winter?

My expectations for the winter are to jump at my best level...and as I said before I show that I was able to be in top-jumpers so why not this winter again!!!

And what you you expect from the olympic wintergames?

Let see...It is actually still a bit to far for me! I just want to focus first on the World Cup season start and after that I will see objectively what I'm able to do there...Every jumper is dreaming of a medal but only three of them get one!!!

Who dou you think will be fighting for winning the overall worldcup and an olympic medal?

The best jumpers of the season...

What you you think about the comeback of Janne Ahonen?

I think it's something good for our sport...He is one of the biggest athlete of the ski jumping history and I think he really wants to get this Olympic medal.

Your friend Pierre-Emmanuel Robe quit his career, what dou you think about it? Can you understand him or do you think, he should have continued jumping?

It was his choice and I respect it. I think there is no discussion about that...when an athlete decides to quit he is the only one to know if he has enought motivations to continue...