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Interview Nicolas Mayer

Now that summer is over, are you satisfied with your competitions?

Well for me, this summer was really heavy with emotions, trainings. It was a hard summer, but finaly now, i'm quite satisfied about this summer. I worked a lot about my mental in competitions, because during the early season I had lot of problem with it. During competitions my level was really bad compared with training.That was for me the main point this summer.

What do you think you have to do/train, that you will be a part of the worldcup team in the winter?

I have to continue like this summer. I trained hard and I hope this winter will be the best. I have also to take more and more experience during world cup competitions. To see the best jumpers, and to learn the high level.

Do you have any goals for the winterseason? junior worldchampionships? olympic games?

Of course, i have many goals. First I want to start this winter with the same shape i finished this summer. I'm quite satisfied about my jumps last month, so I want to keep my level as same as at the end of the summer. After that I really want to be a part of the first world cup season, and also for the first team event. I know this goal is really early during winter but it means a lot for me. For my last season in Juniors I also really want to succes for this important event. It's my last chance to be satisfied about this competition. About Olympics games, for sure it's an important event (the most important) but I'm young, i will never be qualified for this competition, and my level is not to be in Vancouver for one results. Like I said before, I just want to take experience. If I can go there it's only a good chance to learn.So i really don't want to make a priority for this event. It's only in my mind. I will be really happy about my season if I can sucess in goals before.

Looking back to the last winter season, how was your time in the worlcup? And how was it to jump in front of so many fans?

My first world cup was in 2006 in Kligenthal. This winter was my first time in top 30. It was good. What to say more ? World cup is really another world. Lots of media, people, staff, many teams, many good jumpers, there are so many things around us... and also some fans ! It's not impressive to jump in front of many people, because during the competitions we're really concentrated on what we have to do... But it's always a pleasure to jumps front of many people!!

What are you doing beside skijumping? Still going to school? And what do you do in your freetime?

I'm still at school, for my side, intresting school is starting only now. I can study what I want. I'm more motivate to learn now than years before. I'm in Unniversity of Annecy in technical of Trade. During my not often free time, most of the time I try to stop to think about ski jumping. It's important for me to have news about my friends who are not jumping, to have fun with them. But I'm still doing sport !! I'm living in Courchevel, and I started to ski when I was two years old, so for my, during winter, it's a vital importance to ski. I've also many activites like golf, horse riding,snowboard... Now that Manu had his best results this summer, what do you think, he can reach during this winter and especially at the olympic games?

It was great to see him on podium. I think he can also be better. Manu showed during this summer lots of potential, and also showed, he can be a fighter for winner. Obviously he can make one more good result and also in olympic games. But it's really hard to say, if he can be in good shape for a special event. There are so many things he can't control. By the way, I hope one thing : Manu will go to the top place in World cup or a big event like Olympic Game or World Championchips of Ski flying hill...