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Interview Vincent Descombes Sevoie

Hello! How are you?
i'm find thank you.

Are you happy to jump on snow again
Yes i'm really happy to start a new season, training camp in Lillehammer was great and we had already perfect conditions here in Kuusamo.

How have your first jumps on snow have been?
I did good jumps since beginning of winter so confidence is ok.

What are your feelings before the first competition of this winter? Do you think, you're jumping on a good level?
I'm in a good sheap and it's important, jumps are already good, it can be always better but i'm sure of me, we'll see with firt competitions if we can compete with the best, but i don't see why it couldn't be possible!

What are your goals for the upcoming season?
My goal is to fight with the best! take maximum points and enjoy!

And what are the most important competitions this winter?
I think every competition is important, but i want to be good during four hills tournament and word championship.