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Interview Vincent Descombes Sevoie

Hi Vince,
congrats to all the good results in the last competitions of this season. Let's take a look back to the beginning of the season: What were your goals before the season? And did you reach them?

my goal first was to improve from summer and try to jump with no pressure, get as often as possible top 30 results.

The season didn't start good for you and for France. Can you explain us, what the problems have been?

At the beginning of the season, my jumps were not bad but not enough to reach my task and I think I got more and more under pressure, what was really bad for me, cause after this I couldn't jump at my real level.
I was a bit under pressure and maybe wanted to be in the game already in Lillehammer. But I continued in this bad way of thinking about results only. And it didn't work. But also team spirit was not good and it didn't help me to wake up.

And then, after new year, Manu Chedal ended his career. What were your thoughts, when you got to know this?

I heard about his decision in Garmisch, we didn't speak about this and I didn't speak with him since long time. So it says a lot about feeling in the team!!!

In the second half of the season, you gained so many good results among the top 15, including the 14th place in the world champuionships. Do you know and can you tell us, why jumping became so good in comparison to the first part of the winter?

Results came slowly in Vikersund skiflying, but for sure it was better at the end of season. And it came from selfconfidence and also because I was in better shape!

Let's take a look to the skijumping worldcup in general. There have been some quit surprising results this season, for example the so victories of Jan Matura or the one from Jaka Hvala in Klingenthal. What do you think about those results?

Of course it was really nice too see this two athletes win. I was at home when Jan won in Sapporo. We have a good feeling together he's a really good guy and his victories came -lets say- not so early than Jaka's. It's good for young jumper to see this and also for me cause I'm a fighter and I trust in this "one day, one victory"

Thank you Vince, for your answers and now enjoy your holidays.