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Interview Vincent Descombes Sevoie

After a succesful season what are your aims for summer and next year?
Season was good for us, big work from 3 years payed, for my part, i will continue to give my best and work in the same way, I'll go and look forward step by step, have some changes and will try to find the way for top 10 results!

What was the best moment in this season?
I have to say that i got 3 fabulous moments: Olympics were something new but finally I enjoyed it a lot and it was important for the rest of the season. My best result ever in W.C in Kuopio place 13th, and finally 200 meters jump and my personal longest jump!

If you review this season, is there anything you would change?
Would be great to change the beginning, and all bad moments like 4 hills tournament, skiflying kulm, oslo!

What will you do for your deserved holidays?
I will take relax time now, enjoying alpin skiing, home, family and thinking a bit how I can be better!

If the rumors are true, that there will be a new coach next season, Who is your favourite?
I prefer to skip this question, we have no info for the futur about this, rumors are wrong.

How does is feel to jump over 200m?
Feeling was really good, I waited for this since 3 years, like I said I'll arrive step by step, but my way is sure. I learned a lot again this winter, this jump tells me a lot.

Did you feel the Olympic spirit in Vancouver and did you watch other competion?
Olympic moments were perfect, whistler is a sensational place, it was nice to meet a lot of athletes and got 2 final results. We just saw men alpine combined in creekside, it was really nice!